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Dog Daycare-A Most Neglected Family Member Deserves A Treat!


Times Have Changed!danas doggy day care

Things You Should Know About Doggy Day Care.  Just a few years ago, dog day care was virtually non-existent and the idea seemed a little crazy. However, the times have changed dramatically since then. You can now find day care facilities for your dog in many places. Sometimes it is a good idea to take a dog to day care facilities but you should know that day care is not for every dog.

How to know if dog day care is a good idea for your dog!

Whether or not a dog benefits from day care has a lot to do with the dog’s personality. Dogs that are playful, outgoing, sociable and require a lot of exercise will get the most benefit. Dogs need exercise! It is a fact that very few dogs get enough exercise and this could potentially cause them to become obese, develop bad habits, or just go stir crazy. Some dogs, especially adolescents and young adults, can’t stand being idle. For these dogs, the usual half an hour of intense aerobic exercise per day is simply not enough and when you go to work they quickly become unhappy.

Dog boarding facilities are ideal places for dogs who like to be social. You should be careful not to take your dog to these places to socialize if the dog is not the social type. If a dog is not adequately socialized as a puppy and therefore has trouble mingling with other dogs, taking him/her to a hotel for dogs is not always a good idea. The dog might develop social issues such as fear aggression and fear of other dogs. Taking the dog for dog sitting will therefore cause him/her to become more fearful or to fight more often.

How to choose and use dog boarding to your advantage!

Doggy day care facilities are good places to take a dog if you don’t want to leave the dog all alone for the entire day. Sometimes people leave dogs at day care facilities when they want some free time to carry out activities where the dog will surely be neglected. For other people, taking dogs to daycare is meant to deal with separation anxiety that affects dogs when the owner goes to work and leaves the dog all alone. Whichever the reason, there are several things you should do to make sure that the experience is good for both you and your dog.

Before leaving a dog at a daycare facility, you should take a tour of the facility. Your main objective should be to find out how the dogs are treated and by whom. Ideally, dogs should be handled individually most of the time with the only exception being during playtime. You should also know how playtime is managed. For instance, are larger dogs allowed to mingle freely with smaller dogs that might easily get hurt?

You should make reservations in advance when you want to leave a dog at a dog sitting facility. Many day care facilities for dogs are busy so you should book a spot at your preferred daycare facility well in advance. This is especially true for holiday seasons when a lot of people spend time away from their homes. If you are a loyal customer at a dog day care facility in woodland hills Ca.  for example, you should find out if they can save you a spot on specific days of the week as per your schedule.

Precautions to take when using doggy day care facilities!

You should always be aware that daycare facilities for dogs receive many clients every day. Due to this fact, you should give the facility as much information as possible regarding your dog. This will enable them to take better care of your dog. It will also give daycare staff an easy time when dealing with unforeseeable circumstances regarding your dog.

For example, you should always leave instructions for unique situations to the staff of the dog boarding facility. The instructions should be given when you make a reservation and you should also remind the daycare staff when dropping a dog off. One special situation is when your dog is supposed to take certain medication. Also, if your dog has a special diet, you should tell the daycare staff. Keep in mind that a facility may not be equipped to handle some situations so you should confirm before bringing your dog.

Another precaution to take when you are considering using a hotel for dogs is to make sure the dog is immunized. You should confirm that your dog has received all the necessary shots. When taking the dog to a daycare facility, you should bring proof of all vaccinations so that they can have it on file and also ask if all other dogs are vaccinated. It is recommended for you to give your dog medication for fleas and heartworms before dropping him/her off. You should avoid carrying your dog’s pillows, blankets, or any other materials that may harbor parasites.

Final words

Daycare facilities for dogs are great places for dogs to get used to interacting with other dogs and people. These facilities are great places to take dogs for training, exercise, and socialization. However, you should know that dog daycare should be used to supplement an existing training and exercise program that you use on your dog. If you don’t personally train and exercise your dog and instead rely on daycare facilities alone, your dog will no longer see you as the alpha dog which might cause him/her to behave badly when with you. If you rely mostly on daycare facilities for your dog, then it might be a better idea not to have a dog in the first place.

It can be difficult to leave your dog in a strange place. However, if you check the place out ahead of time, it might help you to solve the dilemma of neglecting your most loyal family member. Even though daycare facilities for dogs often take exceptionally good care of your dog, you should avoid leaving the dog at such facilities too often. This is because sooner or later, your dog will begin to see you as a stranger and behave badly towards you. He/she will behave better when with dog day care staff which is not what you want as the owner.

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