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Dog Day Care Helps Socialize Your Dog!

Social interaction and doggy day care are a perfect match for a well balanced and behaved dog. Socializing dogs has been proven to be extremely beneficial for both dog and owner. Dogs learn the best from watching other dogs such as their mother and siblings. Puppies will watch their mother and learn how to behave, as well as learn important eating habits and how to clean themselves properly. When a puppy is taken away from his mother early, the learning process becomes stunted. The older dog will then have to play catch up most his life to re-learn these necessities.

It is important to start socializing your puppy between the ages of three to twenty weeks old. How to socialize a puppy is much easier than how to socialize an older dog, when socializing a puppy the main focus is many different kinds of pleasant experiences with people, dogs and surroundings. Older dogs have already developed fears for certain surroundings whereas puppies believe that everything is safe. You can easily create happy feelings toward experiences by giving your puppy treats and praise.

Socialize an Older Dog with other Dogs at Dog Daycare!

You may be wondering how to socialize an older dog when these crucial years for socializing have been lost. Learning to socialize an older dog with other dogs is very important. The dog has already developed its own habits and feelings toward its environment. When a dog is not properly socialized, it will act out in environments with people and dogs that are unfamiliar or frightening. This is why it is important to make sure to follow dog socializing tips to ensure that every interaction during the dog socialization process is as positive as possible.

Many people feel that when a dog growls or snaps at other animals and people the dog is attempting to assert his dominance. However, in most cases, this is not what is truly happening. A dog can act out when it is feeling confused, scared or stressed. When a dog feels that he or a pack member is in danger, he will act out against the threat. Dogs are also very perceptive to their owner’s feelings, it is important to stay calm and use a calm tone in these situations.

One of the best ways to socialize your dog with other dogs is to of course start out slowly, try introducing him to one new dog at a time. The other dog should be a calm and balanced individual. Some people believe that to begin training the adult dog it is important to start out with simply allowing the dog to observe other dogs at play. When at a park, have your dog sit and observe, while providing treats to reward calm behavior, this is similar to how to socialize a puppy. This action will simulate good feelings towards socialization and positive interactions.

Socializing an aggressive dog with other dogs

Socializing an aggressive dog with other dogs should be done very slowly and with close supervision. One of the important ways to socialize your dog is to pay attention to what triggers your dog’s negative behavior. Do you notice your dog start to growl or cower when he is feeling crowded? Do people make him feel scared? These are important questions to ask yourself during this process and to have in mind during all interactions. It is also important to be prepared to break up negative interactions immediately.

Another important thing to observe is your dog’s mannerisms before he does act out aggressively. Does he back away with his tail down or ear back? Does he begin to growl or bark? You, as the owner need to pay attention to your reactions in these situations as well and change what could be causing your dog to become stressed or concerned.

An owner’s instant reaction after a dog is becoming aggressive is to pet him in the attempt to make him feel better and become calm. This is the wrong message, the message you are sending your dog is actually reinforcing the negative behavior. The best plan of action in an aggressive situation is to remove your dog from the situation when he begins the exhibit the negative mannerisms. Stay firm with your behavioral changes and the rules that you have set up for these interactions.

Socialize an older dog with people

Most negative experiences that will cause a dog to become aggressive around people are created from aggressive people; this is why it is important to socialize an older dog with people. Go sit on a bench near a school where kids can be heard and seen, try the beach where the activity level is high, jogging, roller bladeing and biking. Remember, you are his leader, so stay calm, speak calmly, and keep your dog calm. The more people that you can introduce your dog to the better behaved in social situations he will become. The goal of these interactions is to socialize your dog with people.

Taking your dog around everywhere you go  however, can be risky, given that you do not know the people or how they will react to your dog. Check around your neighborhood for a private dog day care facility. The small private ones will be able to spend more one on one time with your dog and get good results.
The people that run these facilities are trained for this since this is a big part of their business (getting dogs together). Always remember dogs can be like people, sometimes no matter what you do, they just won’t get along.

Dog socialization is one of the most important things that you, as on owner, can do and following these dog socializing tips will help the process become a simple one. Socializing your dog will keep him from becoming lonely and under stimulated as well. Socializing a dog can be done at any age and is something that an owner should actively take part in; this will allow you to have a happy and well behaved companion. Do not give up on the process and you will be sure to see a change in the well being of yourself as well as your pet.


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