Owning a dog is not a “right”

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Hey everyone,
I felt a need to vent, after my crazy experience this morning. While casually having my 6:30am walk, with 2 of my dogs this morning, a Doberman escaped from his house, and immediately came and attacked, both me and my dogs. Luckily for all concerned, no blood was shed, and we all walked away. It was ugly, and that was more because his 17 year old owner, had no control over his own “pet”?? I have seen this dog for at least a year, be ignored and left in his backyard alone, never walked, never loved and never taught how to be a part of a family. Why should this poor dog lose because of the ignorance of his owner, they have no right to be a dog owners. Had this dog been loved and taught to be a part of a family, he never would have attacked my family. Sorry to say, in my opinion it is never the dog, but almost always the owner!!

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