To whom it may concern;

This is my testimonial with using Dana’s Doggy Daycare.  I have left my beautiful beloved dog Kobe Diamond Hawkins In the care of Dana’s Daycare several time in the last past year. I meet her though the dog groomer that Kobe had been going to for the past seven years. Dana is very professional, loving and caring when it come to her pets! She takes them for long walks they go swimming in the summer. She provides personal care and concern for their wellbeing in her care. I Love her and her husband Scott they are both great with Kobe when he goes for sleep overs or when I go on vacation or just for the day. My dog loves to go to her home it’s like home away from home!!   Dana also will pick up and drop off when planned in advance.

She is that one stop doggy daycare.

She is reliable, very warm & dependable. The one thing I enjoy most is when Kobe is with her she aways sends me updates, pictures and even let’s me know what kinda day Kobe is having. If your looking for the best care for your beautiful Dog, in or near Woodland Hills, you can’t go wrong    with using

Dana’s Doggy Daycare… Again home away from home. Very clean home!!! And the price you can’t BEAT.


Sincerely ,

Rhonda Hawkins




Cory Sotolov

Woodland Hills, CA 91367


February 25, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dana’s Doggy Daycare for the outstanding service and commitment. I have been taking my Golden Retrievers to Dana’s for several months and couldn’t be happier. When I tell them they are going to visit Dana and Trakker, they get so excited to go to daycare, they race to see who can get into the car first. She is a caring and loving caregiver who truly cares about my dogs.

She has designed her backyard, in West Hills, into a dog friendly environment. There is plenty of room for them to run around and play. My dogs love the obstacle course! Dana’s Doggy Daycare gives me peace of mind so I travel without worrying about the dogs and she always keeps me updated on their activities!

I would highly recommend Dana and Dana’s Doggy Daycare. She ROCKS!


F ebruary 28, 2014

If you are looking for doggy daycare, I would highly recommend Dana’s Doggy Daycare. I treasure my dog Biscuit, more than anything and I don’t leave her with just anyone. Biscuit is always so excited in the mornings because she knows she is going to West Hills to see her Auntie Dana.

She gets plenty of walks and has a blast playing with all the other dogs. I have had several people comment on how a dog that is almost 11 years old looks in such great shape, and I tell them it’s because she gets plenty of physical and mental exercise at her doggy daycare.

Biscuit has also spent many nights with Dana, and I can honestly say, I can go away now and not have a worry that my dog is not happy.

Happy Clients,

Carol and “Biscuit”  (818.391.4023)


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