West Hills Dog Daycare: The Cure All for Socialization and Anxiety!

Dog Day Care-Cures Socialization and Anxiety

Dog daycare facilities represent the new trend in pampering and placating man and woman’s best friend. These facilities offer a variety of services including staff play areas and boarding. Often these facilities offer a cage free environment where the dogs can run, jump and socialize. Services may include: dog walking, pet sitting, pet boarding, pet grooming, doggy daycare, pet transportation (vet,etc.) The Dog, the most domesticated four legged animal known to man, where a little obedience, discipline, boundaries, and love will develop into one hell of a devoted companion! There is a reason why dogs are often referred to as “Man’s Best Friend.” Dogs are more than our pets; they are an extension of our family. Just as you would not randomly pick a daycare facility for your child, you should not simply turn to the Yellow Pages to find dog boarding in . With a little bit of research and legwork you will be able to find a high quality facility for your dog to stay while you are away. Devotion in our beloved companions shows the strong drive that dogs have to be with their owners, like the extra-exuberant greeting for a loved one who has been away for a long time. My dog Trakr hates it when his pack separates. If my husband and I are out walking and one of us lags, or worse, heads home early, Trakr races back and forth between us with increasing anxiety. Some dogs suffer from even short times apart from their owner. The resulting separation anxiety can cause behavioral problems such as excessive barking, digging, and destruction. An overly close relationship between the dog and owner can contribute to separation anxiety, and one solution is to cool the dog/owner relationship.

There are even stories of dogs getting sick or dying from separation anxiety. A young school girl was riding her bike that had just had the training wheels removed, feeling free of constraints and never having ridden in the street before she took off and entered the street without looking. Sure enough a car traveling at a high rate of speed clipped the rear wheel of the bike and sent the young girl bouncing off the pavement, hitting her head and killing her instantly. Her inseparable companion “Buddy” a little black and white terrier was inconsolable, after visiting the grave he went home and stretched out on a hearth rug in front of the fire, gave several faint sobs and died.

Dog ownership has so many benefits–physical, social and emotional. Although many people desire the type of companionship that a dog can offer, not many realize that it takes hard work and dedication. To build the relationship you want with your dog, it just takes work. Three simple ways to build a strong relationship with your dog are through obedience training, boundaries, and socialization. Dog boarding provides temporary shelter to dogs while their pet owners are away. The lodging and treatment furnished may run for several days to several weeks. Dog daycare, on the other hand, offers shelter for several hours. Pet owners typically leave their canines while they go to the office or run some errands. Only parents who have had to find safe, stimulating daycare for their small children will fully understand what is so difficult about finding a safe, enjoyable boarding kennel for your dog. You worry about abuse, poor hygiene and threat of transmittable disease, and the general stress of the whole situation. If your dog is something like ours – a little spoiled (ok maybe a lot), on a partly or wholly fresh foods diet, and is accustomed to a lot of personal attention and exercise – your requirements for a suitable boarding facility may eliminate most kennels from your list of candidates! For a lot of dog lovers, it is difficult to be away from your pet for long periods of time without getting worried. However, at times you may find that you need to leave your pet for a few days, perhaps to go on a business trip or to a location that may not be able to accommodate your pet. Leaving the pet alone is not an idea that sits well for most animal lovers. In such cases, you may want to consider dog boarding. There are many places that offer doggy daycare and boarding services.

A dog is much more than just a pet for some people, they love and care for it like any other member in the family. These people like taking their dog everyplace they go. But, sometimes the need to leave ones dog behind, whether when traveling to a new place or to take care of something else cannot be ruled out. The biggest worry such people face is finding a safe place for their beloved pet, where their dog will be cared for just like the way it’s being cared for at their home. Thus, Dog boarding is a service which most dog owners look for at some point of time. Just to help such worried dog owners, are dog boarding service providers who are trained to do this task. Doggy Daycares are the new trend to help dogs and dog owners cope with the schedule crunch we are all facing today. Remember you have your friends, your work, the internet, parties, concerts, sporting events, movies. Your Dog Only Has You!!

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